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John Davies

Honours Degree in Geography
CELTA qualified
4 years teaching experience.

Where are you from?

I’m from Barnstaple which is a small town in the South-West of England. It reminds me a bit of Northern Spain except it’s not quite as beautiful and it rains even more!

What sports do you like?

I love playing and watching most sports. I have always loved football and have played a variety of racquet sports since I was young. Since moving to Pamplona I have discovered Padel which I hope to improve at in the future.

Who’s your favourite football team?

My favourite football team is Crystal Palace. They are a team from London and after many years in the second division they are now in the the top division in English football.

What do you miss most about home?

The thing or things I miss most about home is my Pets. My two dogs Holly and Jamie and my Parrot Richmond. I love having pets at home, I think they add something special to a home.

What’s your favourite Spanish food?

So far, I think that my favourite Spanish food is chuleta because for me it is the nicest meat that I have ever eaten. Although it does have to be saved for special occasions as it’s a bit indulgent. There is also nothing quite like tortilla to start the day.