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Bertie Rowlands

Bachelor’s degree in business management

8 years teaching experience.

Where are you from?

I´m from Shrewsbury, a little medieval town on the border between England and Wales. No one knows where it is because our football team is rubbish!

What hobbies do you do?

I love making and editing videos. I even use my best friend, Draggy, in my creations! I also enjoy making and painting models.

Who’s your favourite football team?

I don´t really have one. My family support Birmingham City (the Blues), and Wolverhampton (the Wolves) as well. I was certainly impressed with England in the last world cup performance (2018), but that´s about as into football as I get. Oh, and Osasuna, gora Osasuna.

What do you miss most about home?

The unhealthy food! Cadbury’s chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps and all that good stuff. I´m still not convinced in fried egg flavoured crisps. I´ll have to give them another go.

What’s your favourite Spanish food?

Put me in calle san Nicolas and watch me go! I love pintxos so, so much. Such a good idea! I have to say that the nicest one I´ve had at the moment has been in Iruñazarra, the secreto ibérico. With the eggy thing in Bar Río being a close second.